Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Human trafficking is also known as trafficking in persons or in short TIP is often distinguished from one another by the notion that migration is characterized by choice and trafficking by coercion, deception, or force.

The UN defines human trafficking as:
The recruitment, transportation, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation.

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that at any given time, 12.3 million men, women, and children worldwide are coerced into forced and bonded labour, involuntary servitude, and sexual slavery; of these, 9.8 million are exploited by private agents.

Human trafficking is a labour issue for three key reasons:
·         Related with exploitation in labour;
·         One of the worst forms of labour exploitation; and
·         Related with violations of worker rights, those are lack of labor standards and protections for workers especially in migrant workers, and globalization forces that displace workers and encourage competition for low wage jobs.

Source: Solidarity Center, AFL-CIO. 2008. Worker rights and migrant workers. In Solidarity    Center, AFL-CIO, Justice for All: A Guide to Workers Rights in the Global Economy. pp. 98-99. Washington, D.C: Solidarity Center. http://www.solidaritycenter.org/files/pubs_jfa2009.pdf [13 February 2011].

Sunday, February 20, 2011


This serious issue of human trafficking does not just capture the attention of the governments and the authorities but also the attention of few movie directors that really care to educate and raise the awareness of people around the globe. In this movies they show how tricky and how cleverly human traffickers do their job and make other suffer. 

      In the movie, 'Taken', starring Liam Neeson and Maggie Grace, Neeson plays a role of a very caring father whose life is only about her daughter. Then one day, his daughter   (Maggie Grace) decided to go on a vacation to Paris with her cousin Amanda and on then on, her nightmare begins. This movie was directed by Pierre Morel.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvUxdQ4q-Lg 


In a report on November 17, 2009, there are about 27 million people worldwide who have become victims of human trafficking. They are kidnapped and forced into doing things that if they have a choice, they will not do. This crime which has been organized by very tricky and intelligent organizations is always increasing day by day. The victims, having no choice, have to become slave-like through force, threat and deception. 

     What are so worrying about this issue of human trafficking is women and children, especially girls, are always being exploited sexually. This could lead to another big problem and that is being infected with HIV. In Nepal, the medication for HIV positive costs only 3 dollars, but sadly, most of them who got infected could not afford the 3 dollars price. That just shows how awful the problem is in a country where sex is exploited so easily. These victims of human trafficking also have to go through many sicknesses due to the lack of nutrients since they were not given a proper diet. 

      Half of this victim’s age is below 18 years old. In barbaric industry, these victims were only sold for 90 dollars. and a result these children will grow up to be an abusive person, becoming someone who is mentally sick, willingly become a prostitute out of sex addiction, drug addict and dealers and so much more. Why is this happening? A very good explanation would be because they are so traumatized with what happen to them when they were a kid. And worst, they are likely to become one of the human trafficking criminal. 

     Why is this problem still lingering around and many people keep wondering why are these victims do not or hesitate to ask for help when they have the opportunities to do so? It is mainly because they are afraid of their families’ safety. This report stated that human being trading industry is estimated to be worth of 7 to 9 billion US dollars. Hence, people nowadays are dangerously vulnerable to cruel human traffickers. However, the governments and authorities all around the world especially in countries where this matter is in a very serious level, they have taken big steps to prevent this problem from going on. They have planned many strategies such as enhancing the efficiency of local authorities and setting up a local legal criminal system. The government had also rescued and put the traumatized victims in a rehabilitation programs. In addition, they have increased the public awareness and advocacy program to make sure that people are aware of how awful this issue is. 

Source: Tina. 2009. Human trafficking facts. http://www.bible-knowledge.com/blog/index.php/2009/11/17/human-trafficking-facts/ [17 February 2011]

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


In the 2007, U.S Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons Report has positioned Malaysian Government in 3rd rank for not completely obeying with the Trafficking Victims Protection Act’s minimum standards for the abolishment of trafficking and not making noteworthy efforts to do so.

Malaysia has a clean record of prosecuted traffickers in the year 2006. However, the government did take legal action to 35 people for using minors for prostitution, captured 22 for acquiring brothels, and 16 persons for arranging prostitution. In a MOU with Indonesia, the Government commands employers who seize passports from migrants and detain them in their workplace in Malaysia. There have been no tribunals of these employers for trafficking.

The Malaysian government suggests protections and no legal substitutes to repatriation for victims who face difficulty in their country. The majority of trafficking victims were released because of appeals by foreign embassies.

    The Indonesian government houses about 1,100 women and children, the common of who are thought to be trafficking victims. The Indonesian embassy in Kuala Lumpur detains large number of employer abuse and trafficking victims. Malaysia does not adequately identify its trafficking victims; most illegal migrants were deported or jailed without identifying any potential trafficking victims.

The Malaysian government has few agendas to put a stop to human trafficking. The ministry of women, family, and community development held a convention to educate police and immigration officials to recognize trafficking victims. The royal Malaysian police held a one-day seminar to work out a national tactic.

Source: ... 2006. A web resource for combating human trafficking. http://www.humantrafficking.org/countries/malaysia [4 February 2011].

Sunday, February 6, 2011


SUHAKAM has taken effective measures by promoting human rights in respect of crime against humanity, in other words, human trafficking. They have been promoting it by online campaign. 

Anti-trafficking in persons brochure by SUHAKAM

Source: SUHAKAM.  Anti-trafficking in persons brochure. http://www.suhakam.org.my/anti_trafficking_in_persons [4 February 2011].

Friday, January 28, 2011


Malaysia's Home Minister, Dato' Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn in a press conference on November 18 2010 had told reporters about Malaysia and Unites States (US) cooperation in curbing the human trafficking issue. He mentioned on why ideology criminals and transnational crimes criminals could afford to do this awful crime. He also mentioned the affects of human trafficking in Malaysia and how Malaysia will cooperate with United States government to overcome this serious problem.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons by;
· The threat or use of kidnapping, force, fraud, deception or coercion, or
· By the giving or receiving of unlawful payments or  benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, and
·  For the purpose of sexual exploitation or forced labor.

·  Women and children – risky for trafficking into the sex industry
·  Men – day laborers, construction or restaurant workers
·  Vulnerable populations – migrants, oppressed or marginalized groups, runaways or displaced persons and the poor

Who is trafficker? :
·  Individuals, families, organized groups of criminals
·  Professional or non-professional criminals
·  Facilitated by other beneficiaries e.g. advertising, distribution, or retail companies and consumers
·  Both women and men involved in trafficking

·  Vary from state to state
·  Federal and international laws both protect victims and prosecutes traffickers
·  The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2005


·  Hard to find out as it is an illegal industry

Source : Ronak Talati. Human trafficking: information and resources for emergency healthcare providers. http://www.humantraffickinged.com/index.html [20 January 2011].

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Malaysia is one of the most popular destinations for human trafficking in the South East Asia region. Although Malaysia has not came out with any official statistics on this crime, human trafficking of immigrants is absolutely a significant problem.

    Crime syndicates, employment agencies and government officials are also included in the secret activities of trafficking in Malaysia. Malaysian officials were reported in threaten money from migrants and traffickers whom are transported from detention centers to the Malaysia - Thailand border. If they refuse, they will be turn over to traffickers in southern. The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee is currently investigating this issue.

    Women, children and refugees from neighboring countries are mostly victims of trafficking. The US State Department has released The 2008 Human Rights Report stating that the victims are trafficked into Malaysia for sexual exploitation and forced labor.

    This issue is serious as Malaysia has become a transport location of human trafficking in the world, tells the report. Malaysia is ranked second in watch list by the report because of notable rising number of victims and failure to come up with ways to combat trafficking.

    Victims were not equipped with legal alternatives by the governments hence the rescue from foreign embassies. Most illegal immigrants are banished and jailed but trafficking victims are not identified in specific.

    At the present-day, there is no legislative means against human trafficking in Malaysia. Other laws including Immigration Act, Restricted Resident Act and Child Act have been used by the government to prosecute traffickers.
   Two years ago the parliament has tabled the Anti Trafficking in Person Act in effort to protect victims and extend human trafficking offence. Nevertheless, there are still chances for further refinements in restraining this problem.

Burmese migrants stuck in Malaysia Detention camps.
Source: Kong Soon, L. 2009. Malaysia the core and transit of human trafficking. http://cj.my/blog/2009/03/23/malaysia-the-core-and-transit-of-human-trafficking-by-lim-kong-soon/ [16 January 2011].

Monday, January 17, 2011


In March 27, 2010, Bernama had published an article regarding the level of awareness in human trafficking issue. According to the article, the level of awareness on the issue of anti trafficking in humans among society in Malaysia is very low. This happen since they do not have much informations and knowledge regarding this matter and they do not see this issue in broader point of view. 

    Suhakam had came out with the statistic of the 2009 rate of trafficking of humans especially among women, young teenage girls and children. About 1083 people had to be rescued. Suhakam also highlighted some of the ways to curb this serious issue such as, the authorities should be more aware and they should also focus on the hot spot where people are vulnerable to be kidnap and trafficked. They also stressed that mass media and electronic media should always remind the society on how dangerous human trafficking is and they should educate people in protecting themselves from being the victims by informing them the signs or syndicates way of operation, so that people will be more aware in the future. 


Human trafficking is indeed a big matter not only in Malaysia but all over the world. Therefore, many organisations take part to share informations to people, spread the words on how to help curbing this matter and how we could be apart of the generation that care for this serious matter. To see it, click this link.

Source: ... 2006. A web resource for combating human trafficking. http://www.humantrafficking.org/countries/malaysia [15 January 2011].


What is human trafficking? 

Human trafficking is not a new 'epidemic' in Malaysia. This issue has been going on for many years. Many legislative organisations have put tremendous efforts in curbing this matter but it is still going on until now. This issue is not just a small issue that we face everyday. It is undeniably true the effects of this problem is intangible. Malaysian love to take it lightly although if we go in depth into this matter, we will know how harmful this matter to us. In Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 'human' brings the meaning of; 'a man, woman, or child'; whereas trafficking means; 'the buying and selling of illegal goods, especially drugs'. In the context of human trafficking it does not at all involving smuggling drugs into other countries but it involves movements of people (human) illegally to other countries. 

    Human trafficking has become a new issue in International Relations studies as this is a global issue. However, Malaysia has cope with this problem way back when more sophisticated and safer transportation is possible for everyone. One question that always pop in our mind when we come across this kind of news in newspaper is, 'Why do they still want to be smuggled to other countries although they have read on the news of people died in wrecking ships, suffer for physical abuses and so on?'. The answers from those willingly smuggled to other countries like Malaysia has always been the same, it is for the sake of improving their financial and provide a better life for their family. 

   What about those who unwillingly trafficked into other countries? This frightening phenomenon is the consequences of syndicates activities. These syndicates kidnap or trap people especially women, young lady and child to be smuggled to other countries to do illegal jobs such as prostitution, money begging and drug trafficking. Other might have been sold to employers who likes to employ foreign workers for cheaper cost. These wise syndicates trapped those who they smuggled forever as they always supervised their 'worker' closely. There are cases of children's tongue being cut, eyes blinded, hands cut, and so many cruel acts for the sake of the syndicate benefits and safety.

    This serious issue should be curb soon as syndicates out there work really fast and they always out there to bait new people. And in this case, the saying, 'prevention is better than cure' suits very well.