Sunday, February 20, 2011


In a report on November 17, 2009, there are about 27 million people worldwide who have become victims of human trafficking. They are kidnapped and forced into doing things that if they have a choice, they will not do. This crime which has been organized by very tricky and intelligent organizations is always increasing day by day. The victims, having no choice, have to become slave-like through force, threat and deception. 

     What are so worrying about this issue of human trafficking is women and children, especially girls, are always being exploited sexually. This could lead to another big problem and that is being infected with HIV. In Nepal, the medication for HIV positive costs only 3 dollars, but sadly, most of them who got infected could not afford the 3 dollars price. That just shows how awful the problem is in a country where sex is exploited so easily. These victims of human trafficking also have to go through many sicknesses due to the lack of nutrients since they were not given a proper diet. 

      Half of this victim’s age is below 18 years old. In barbaric industry, these victims were only sold for 90 dollars. and a result these children will grow up to be an abusive person, becoming someone who is mentally sick, willingly become a prostitute out of sex addiction, drug addict and dealers and so much more. Why is this happening? A very good explanation would be because they are so traumatized with what happen to them when they were a kid. And worst, they are likely to become one of the human trafficking criminal. 

     Why is this problem still lingering around and many people keep wondering why are these victims do not or hesitate to ask for help when they have the opportunities to do so? It is mainly because they are afraid of their families’ safety. This report stated that human being trading industry is estimated to be worth of 7 to 9 billion US dollars. Hence, people nowadays are dangerously vulnerable to cruel human traffickers. However, the governments and authorities all around the world especially in countries where this matter is in a very serious level, they have taken big steps to prevent this problem from going on. They have planned many strategies such as enhancing the efficiency of local authorities and setting up a local legal criminal system. The government had also rescued and put the traumatized victims in a rehabilitation programs. In addition, they have increased the public awareness and advocacy program to make sure that people are aware of how awful this issue is. 

Source: Tina. 2009. Human trafficking facts. [17 February 2011]


  1. please join your hands to stop human really hurts ..............
    it is the most dreaded thing happening in our society......
    please help

  2. Yes, I agree that this human trafficking is a dreadful disease and every efforts must be made to ameliorate it.

  3. ...human trafficing is not a disease....
    more like 27 million people being people sold, traded,&abused. its a nice way of saying modern day slavery.