Monday, January 17, 2011


In March 27, 2010, Bernama had published an article regarding the level of awareness in human trafficking issue. According to the article, the level of awareness on the issue of anti trafficking in humans among society in Malaysia is very low. This happen since they do not have much informations and knowledge regarding this matter and they do not see this issue in broader point of view. 

    Suhakam had came out with the statistic of the 2009 rate of trafficking of humans especially among women, young teenage girls and children. About 1083 people had to be rescued. Suhakam also highlighted some of the ways to curb this serious issue such as, the authorities should be more aware and they should also focus on the hot spot where people are vulnerable to be kidnap and trafficked. They also stressed that mass media and electronic media should always remind the society on how dangerous human trafficking is and they should educate people in protecting themselves from being the victims by informing them the signs or syndicates way of operation, so that people will be more aware in the future. 

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