Thursday, January 20, 2011


Malaysia is one of the most popular destinations for human trafficking in the South East Asia region. Although Malaysia has not came out with any official statistics on this crime, human trafficking of immigrants is absolutely a significant problem.

    Crime syndicates, employment agencies and government officials are also included in the secret activities of trafficking in Malaysia. Malaysian officials were reported in threaten money from migrants and traffickers whom are transported from detention centers to the Malaysia - Thailand border. If they refuse, they will be turn over to traffickers in southern. The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee is currently investigating this issue.

    Women, children and refugees from neighboring countries are mostly victims of trafficking. The US State Department has released The 2008 Human Rights Report stating that the victims are trafficked into Malaysia for sexual exploitation and forced labor.

    This issue is serious as Malaysia has become a transport location of human trafficking in the world, tells the report. Malaysia is ranked second in watch list by the report because of notable rising number of victims and failure to come up with ways to combat trafficking.

    Victims were not equipped with legal alternatives by the governments hence the rescue from foreign embassies. Most illegal immigrants are banished and jailed but trafficking victims are not identified in specific.

    At the present-day, there is no legislative means against human trafficking in Malaysia. Other laws including Immigration Act, Restricted Resident Act and Child Act have been used by the government to prosecute traffickers.
   Two years ago the parliament has tabled the Anti Trafficking in Person Act in effort to protect victims and extend human trafficking offence. Nevertheless, there are still chances for further refinements in restraining this problem.

Burmese migrants stuck in Malaysia Detention camps.
Source: Kong Soon, L. 2009. Malaysia the core and transit of human trafficking. [16 January 2011].

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