Monday, January 17, 2011


What is human trafficking? 

Human trafficking is not a new 'epidemic' in Malaysia. This issue has been going on for many years. Many legislative organisations have put tremendous efforts in curbing this matter but it is still going on until now. This issue is not just a small issue that we face everyday. It is undeniably true the effects of this problem is intangible. Malaysian love to take it lightly although if we go in depth into this matter, we will know how harmful this matter to us. In Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 'human' brings the meaning of; 'a man, woman, or child'; whereas trafficking means; 'the buying and selling of illegal goods, especially drugs'. In the context of human trafficking it does not at all involving smuggling drugs into other countries but it involves movements of people (human) illegally to other countries. 

    Human trafficking has become a new issue in International Relations studies as this is a global issue. However, Malaysia has cope with this problem way back when more sophisticated and safer transportation is possible for everyone. One question that always pop in our mind when we come across this kind of news in newspaper is, 'Why do they still want to be smuggled to other countries although they have read on the news of people died in wrecking ships, suffer for physical abuses and so on?'. The answers from those willingly smuggled to other countries like Malaysia has always been the same, it is for the sake of improving their financial and provide a better life for their family. 

   What about those who unwillingly trafficked into other countries? This frightening phenomenon is the consequences of syndicates activities. These syndicates kidnap or trap people especially women, young lady and child to be smuggled to other countries to do illegal jobs such as prostitution, money begging and drug trafficking. Other might have been sold to employers who likes to employ foreign workers for cheaper cost. These wise syndicates trapped those who they smuggled forever as they always supervised their 'worker' closely. There are cases of children's tongue being cut, eyes blinded, hands cut, and so many cruel acts for the sake of the syndicate benefits and safety.

    This serious issue should be curb soon as syndicates out there work really fast and they always out there to bait new people. And in this case, the saying, 'prevention is better than cure' suits very well. 

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